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Netmera’s tools and powerful analytics help you combine behaviour trends with location information to target users with innovative and personalized campaigns.

With Netmera you can…

  • Learn more about your users and use advanced targeting tools such as user preferences, usage behaviours, geo-location, geo-fences, and automated campaigns.
  • Prepare exceptional push notification campaigns including rich push, interactive push, image push, in-app popups
  • Analyse your results and distribute reports to third parties.
  • Easily integrate Netmera to your exiting systems and make different channels work harmoniously.

This user guide is prepared to help you understand Netmera’s tools and features, as well as integrate them into your mobile apps, back-end and other systems.


  • Netmera has native IOS, Android, Windows Phone SDKs and PhoneGap plugin.
  • Get started by downloading appropriate Netmera SDKs for your project. Follow the related guides to powerful capabilities of Netmera